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Is your technology stopping you working, rather than helping?

Is your IT Support unable to solve your problems, when you need them?

IT Genie supports companies across Crawley, the Gatwick Diamond & beyond
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Do You Recognize Quality IT Services?

It can be difficult, if you have previously only experienced average (or worse) IT Support, leading to continuing problems rather than success through technology.

ISO 9001 - Quality Service Matters

ISO 14001 - Quality Service Matters

ISO 27001 - Quality Service Matters

Is Your Business Bouncing From One IT Disaster to Another?

With Average IT Support all you experience is ‘putting out technology fires’, never looking at the root cause or taking proactive steps to stop disasters before they have the chance to stop your business.

IT Genie provide all-inclusive Managed IT Services for a fixed fee, so it is in both our interests to keep your business running smoothly. We make use best in class systems and expert technicians to give the best possible results, dealing with issues before you even know they are there.

Managed IT Services & Cloud Computing

Deliver an entire industry’s worth of technology and experience to your business.

Globally Recognised ISO Accredited IT Services

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

Documented System with Continuous Improvement to provide you with quality services

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

We protect the environment as well as you

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

Everything we do has Information Security at the heart of our processes

Are you suffering from any of these issues?

“My IT guy never seems to be available, when I need them to solve a critical problem, it always goes to voicemail. They only seem call to advise us of an unforeseen additional cost to their bill.”

“Whenever we ask our IT company for a standard change, adding a new user or upgrading a device, we suffer an identical problem to last time. They never seem to learn.”

“We need detailed IT status and security reports to make sure we comply with our financial regulations or risk heavy penalties; However, our IT people are only able to provide their invoice.”

“Their “all-inclusive” IT support plan, often seems to have more exemption clauses than a used car warranty”

For over 14 years, IT Genie has been solving these issues helping organisations across London & the South of England maximise their success through Technology.

What Our Clients Say About IT Genie

IT Genie Worked Their Magic During The Time Of Trouble

John Mabey Private Client and International Services Partner
Coveney Nicholls Chartered Accountants

IT Genie Manage all the Risk & Uncertainty of Our IT

Stephen Dixon Partner

IT Genie constantly monitor our monitor our systems ensuring expensive and hard to replace systems are running optimally.

Marydelia Mitchell General Manager
Sterling Healthcare Group

We’re proud of our service and we want you to know
upfront what our clients think of us right now.


Get the Quality IT Services you deserve

IT Genie are committing to delivering our clients quality service expanding our existing ISO 9001 Quality Management scope, recently adding ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification.

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