Disaster Recovery

Don't leave things to chance. Prepare your business for the worst by implementing a disaster recovery plan with our experts.

Backups, disaster recovery and business continuity: we've got you covered

Despite your best efforts – great staff training and thorough cyber security systems – the worst can still happen. If downtime or disaster happens, you need to be prepared to recover your business quickly.

Our backup and business continuity solutions can be tailored to suit all kinds of needs. Whether you’re responsible for a single backup or oversee information security as part of an internal team, we can help you find the right solution.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Business Continuity

Often thought of as an 'insurance policy' for your data, having a business continuity plan is one of the best things you can do for your business. It should ensure you can recover your data within a defined timeframe, no matter the situation.

Data Backup

We’ll ensure your backup is reliable and correctly configured, as well as do all the time-intensive tasks like regular testing to make sure you’re meeting compliance standards. Our services are all virtualisation-ready too, so your systems will be up and running again in the shortest time possible, if or when you need to recover.

Protect your business against downtime and disaster

With no data, you have no business – that’s not an overstatement. The cost of downtime or a data breach can be catastrophic for most businesses. From dealing with lost orders and revenue, to repetitional damage and regulatory fines, staying in business can get hard after a disaster if you don’t have a plan in place.

Disaster situations include fire, flood and cyber attack, but also could include accidental damage, software failure, or simple human error.

As well as being best practice, it’s now a GDPR requirement for businesses to have some form of disaster recovery in place to restore personal data. In short, disaster recovery has never been more important, and we think it’s well worth the small investment.

How we can help

Whether you're holding data on hardware, in the Cloud, or both, our disaster recovery services will make sure it's there when you need it.

Industry-leading solutions

We partner with industry leading experts and vendors to deliver the most reliable and resilient backup and business continuity solutions.

Quick & Efficient data restoration

Using unique technology, we can spin your backup into a virtualised environment within minutes when you need it most.

cross-platform solutions

We'll take care of all your backup needs with cross platform solutions for all your Windows, Linux and Cloud systems.

Image-level backups

Image-based snapshots of your systems ensure full and comprehensive protection of your data.

regular automated backups

Backups can be configured to replicate in real time or as often as you need.


All of our engineers are fully trained to support you with all your backup and business continuity needs.

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