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cyber security services you can rely on

Cyber security threats don’t just affect big corporates; increasingly, cyber criminals are seeing SMEs as an easy target. We won’t make it so simple for them.

We make it our business to stay on top of the latest threats and offer up-to-date solutions to help you keep one step ahead. We offer expert, tailored advice and enterprise-level IT security to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Working with you, we’ll provide advice on prevention strategies to help keep your business safe from common tactics like ransomware and phishing scams. And we’re able to implement the latest gateway, endpoint protection, and file encryption tools to effectively lock your sensitive data away from prying eyes.

We won’t just sell you one solution – we’ll take the time to look at different ways to keep your business safe, investigating all points of vulnerability. Together, let’s keep your business vigilant against the ever-increasing threat of cyber crime and data loss.

network protection

Working with leading vendors in the market, we aim to stop unwanted access to your business networks.

Cyber Essentials Certification

In an effort to combat cyber crime, the UK Government introduced Cyber Essentials Certification. It covers the basics of how to protect your business, and getting certified is a good way of showing your customers and supply chain that you take cyber threats seriously.

Dark Web monitoring

We'll identify any threats from dark web sources to help prevent criminal activities associated with compromised company data, such as identity theft.


We provide a range of audits covering network, security and communications to give you the peace of mind that your systems are delivering what's required to achieve your business goals and growth. Should the audits highlight weaknesses in any of these areas, we can work with you to address the issues and provide hardware or services that meet your needs.

Our approach to cyber security

Unlike other IT companies, we’re able to tailor our cyber security services to suit the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, going beyond simply applying standard solutions.

A surprisingly high number of cyber security incidents will come from within your business – through human error or otherwise – so it’s important to view protection as something internal and external.

We’ll help you get the balance right, from staff training and Cyber Essentials Certification, to patching, firewall management, and endpoint protection solutions – whatever your business needs.

There's no such thing as 'it doesn't affect us'

For many SMEs, cyber security is seen as an unnecessary investment. However, more than 40% of all UK cyber crime involves small businesses, who may be irreparably affected by a cyber attack or data breach.

This isn’t news to cyber criminals. They often see SMEs as easy pickings because they might not have the know-how to pinpoint what’s happening in their network quickly, and are unlikely to have the latest security tools and protocols in place.

So what’s at risk?  Cyber attacks pose a huge threat to business continuity with a loss of data and productivity. Attacks are costly. In fact, cyber crime is predicted to cost companies £6 trillion world wide by 2021. GDPR regulations also mean you risk hefty fines if you’re not compliant, not to mention the negative publicity and poor relations with clients.

Attacks are becoming more frequent and, unfortunately, more costly. It’s crucial that almost all businesses – regardless of size or complexity – have cyber security measures in place.

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