"Your IT staff has half the resources he needs to help your business and it's not their fault"

When it comes to IT support, most businesses rely on one of three options. They have a dedicated in-house IT employee or team, an outsourced managed services provider (MSP) or nothing at all. There is, however, a fourth option: Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITS)

This hybrid option gives you the benefits of a key on-site IT manager or a small team AND access to an off-site expert IT services firm. For any business that takes IT seriously, this can prove to be an efficient and reliable option. It’s not as costly as a full on-site team, but it can be more comprehensive and flexible than relying on an MSP alone.

Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITS)

If your organization has internal IT support, whether it’s “the IT guy” or a fully-fledged IT department it is likely there are still situations where there is a knowledge gap, conflicting priorities, and scalability & availability issues.

Having an on-site IT manager means you have someone who knows the quirks of your business and its very specific needs and keeps you nimble when it comes to on-site issues. However, this is not always a scalable option, the IT function has the potential to get complicated fast, which is where having access to an off-site expert IT team can step up and fill any support or knowledge gaps.

Your IT manager has someone to call when they need to and suddenly you have a full IT staff.

CoMITS Brings Everything Together

CoMITS is a customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of both Managed Services with Internal IT. Ranging from simple tasks such as security monitoring or patch management; CoMITS can include agreed support-desk for the just the internal IT team, key personnel or everybody up to a certain ticket level (1st, 2nd etc.); CoMITS can also provide dedicated support freeing internal IT to focus on their decided priorities such as project work.

One of the benefits of this approach is employee retention. Co-managed IT can completely shift your company culture for the better. Here’s why: small or single-person IT teams can get overwhelmed and overworked fast. This is common in IT. As a result, small-business IT departments often seem like a revolving door for those employees. It creates a broken culture.
CoMITS can be on hand to provide support to cover Internal IT staff holidays (allowing them to properly relax for what could be the first time in years; It can scale should there not be sufficient work for a full time extra employee or even take-over should an Internal IT leave the employ of the company.

Internal IT resources know best the intricacies of their company and MSPs know the technology and overall industry better in many situations; Combining these two resources can create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Co-MITs involves a relationship between the clients’ management, their internal IT resources, and the Managed Service Provider (MSP); All three must work together closely to agree on goals, terms, standards, responsibilities and reviewing performance.

Moving Forwards

The current pandemic has shaken up business processes almost overnight, and COVID-19 or other show little chance of going away quickly - we are not going back to the way things were.

Successful businesses will be those who manage to evolve with the ever changing ‘new normal’, changing their operating methods and positioning their services and offerings to a clear advantage.

The capabilities of Office 365, Zoom & Deliveroo have meant that the sudden switch to remote working was possible for a great number of workers during lockdown. It has also given businesses cause to go a stage further, reviewing the need for their office buildings – and in some cases the need for on-premise Internal IT support to support these buildings.

The current system of Internal IT support is not resilient, distributed, or scalable enough to evolve with Covid-19 workplace restrictions, and to support a long-term remote workforce – But it can be with CoMITS, delivering IT Support-as-a-Service, using expert tools and knowledge unsustainable for a single business, but not for a CoMITS Managed Service Provider.

What CoMITS is for you?

Switching to IT Support-as-a-Service model such as CoMITS provides the ultimate flexibility for businesses looking to optimize their operations through Covid-19 and beyond.

IT Genie offer flexible CoMITS solutions for your business, with, unparalleled support using expert solutions to ensure your employees are fully productive with minimal downtime

Signs of a need for CoMITS:

  • Your IT are constantly battling to put out fires
  • You want to upgrade our network, but there is a gap in their skill-set (SQL, SharePoint, Security) or don’t have time to keep up with the newer technologies.
  • Your IT also work in other core business functions but don’t have the time
  • There is nobody to cover absences – so support suffers, and they don’t get to relax and recharge as they should whether on holiday or off sick
  • Should they leave the company, nobody knows where anything is or how it works
  • Your team is busy, but not an extra 40 hours’ worth.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you need to talk to IT Genie about CoMITS

You can rest easy when your IT support has support. Contact us today for more information.