We'll help you find the right mix of cloud solutions for your business.

Using cloud shouldn't be complicated

Navigating the raft of cloud options – public, private or hybrid – can mean it’s hard to make the right decisions for your business.

We’re here, as cloud computing experts, to demystify the technology and help you find the right mix of solutions for your specific needs. From SaaS applications to on-premises servers, private or public cloud, or even hosted VMs with IaaS, we’ll help you get it right.

We can help far beyond providing advice; we’re experienced in delivering cloud solutions right the way through, including installations, migration, support, and cloud backups.

Cutting through the jargon

We’ve delivered cloud solutions to a wide range of businesses, from startups to multinational enterprises. Whether you’re an IT team looking to outsource the management of a cloud app, or a business that needs help finding and handling migration to the right cloud solution, we can help.

Ultimately, migrating your systems to the cloud is about lowering costs, and building in flexibility and scalability. We’ll help you get there – and keep it running securely long after the initial migration.

Our Data Centres

We partner with best-in-class UK data centres built with state of the art facilities and the highest levels of security, resilience and disaster recovery capabilities.  Designed to cope with all your computing needs, we use a network of high specification locations throughout the UK with high speed interlinks and 24-hour security.

We offer bulletproof continuity and data security with guaranteed 99.99% uptimes and stringent SLAs. Our data centres cover all the standards for compliance and security including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS, giving you complete peace of mind that your data and systems are available and protected.

How we can help

Public Cloud

Save on hardware and maintenance costs by using a third-party public cloud. Public cloud uses a multi-tenant approach, meaning you share computing resources with other businesses, but your data remains separate.

Hosted on a subscription basis, you'll only pay for what you need and can scale up or down quickly to meet your changing needs. We use all the big name providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We can help with full installation and migration, as well as ongoing management and support.

Hybrid Cloud

As you'd expect, hybrid cloud brings together a mix of environments to suit your business, depending on where you need elements tailored or can use others off the shelf to optimise performance and reduce cost.

It's a popular choice for many businesses because workloads can be deployed into the right environment as their needs change. Hybrid cloud provides greater flexibility together with reduced costs and more options for customisation while still maintaining higher levels of control over your data than public cloud solutions.

We'll work with you to create the right hybrid environment, providing an agile and scalable solution that aligns with where your business is heading. For instance, you could save on cost and be more efficient by using public cloud apps to handle spikes in demand, but use private cloud solutions for mission critical workloads.

Private Cloud

Need complete control over how your data is held? Private cloud might be for you. Providing a dedicated, private environment, the technical infrastructure (including servers) are hosted either on site or in a data centre. You'll be able to completely customise your computing, storage and networking, as well as having a greater degree of control over security.

It's probably for you if your business has dynamic or unpredictable IT needs that require complete control - to meet regulatory compliance, security, or governance requirements, for instance.

We can design and build a dedicated cloud environment, using a combination of tech to suit your business, managing the process from end to end.

Your digital transformation with Microsoft 365

Switching to Microsoft 365 doesn’t have to be a complex and time consuming process.

Our team of experts are here to help. Whether it’s initial advice, training and support, or the whole journey from start to finish, we’re here to support you.

1. Consultancy, advice and planning

From initial consultation right through to set up, implementation and staff training, we’ll deliver complete end to end project management for your Microsoft 365 installation.

2. Licencing

There are a number of plans available, depending on your business needs. With so much to choose from, we can help you compare business plans and enterprise packages to make sure you’re getting the right solution for your business.

3. Migration and integration

Our expert team of Microsoft-certified professionals are here to take care of the entire set up and migration process, ensuring a trouble free roll out.

4. Training

We’ll train your teams to make sure they’re in the know when it comes to making use of everything Microsoft 365 has to offer.

5. Ongoing support and management

Following a successful migration process, we’ll be on hand to offer ongoing support for as long as you need it.

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