Have you been reading news or seeing pop-ups advising that Windows 11 is available?

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 would be available from 05 October 2021, on new PCs and in a staggered upgrade rollout offered to all eligible PCs by summer 2022; The latest update for Windows 10 includes the “divisive PC Health Check app” to advise if your device meets Windows 11 minimum requirements.

Keeping their naming conventions conventionally numerical (since the ‘contested’ Vista), Windows 11 is the first new release of Windows since Microsoft ‘developer evangelist’ Jerry Nixon statedWindows 10 is the last version of Windows” back in 2015.

Windows 11 is promoted as offering benefits such as:

  • A fresh new look - the start menu is now in the middle
  • Greater Teams integration
  • Android applications
  • Inclusive accessibility

Sounds exciting, but . . .


Should I Upgrade to Windows 11?

As with most other major updates, we at IT Genie recommend waiting a while until a tested stable release is available. For an OS version this can be 6 - 9 months after initial launch, we shall let you know when we feel it is business-ready.

Let the technology trail-blazers identify the stability & performance problems, and other expected bugs; Rather than expose your business to these teething issues, wait until they have been fixed,

If you're relaxed with teething issues, then please do talk to us to arrange some engineering time to perform the upgrade for you or ask us to quote you for a new Windows 11 Device.


Are my computers compatible? (Over 55% are not)

In the meantime you will benefit from checking which of your business devices are capable of meeting the stringent Microsoft Windows 11 minimum system requirements – as these are a significant rise from those needed for Windows 10

According to a recent in-depth report, only 44% of business PCs meet the Windows 11 minimum system requirements, having analysed 30 million PCs across 60,000 organisations.

This is predominantly due to CPU incompatibility (44.4%), but also RAM requirements (91%), and lack of TPM 2.0 chip (52.5%); For those running virtual machines only 0.23% meet the TPM 2.0 requirements of Windows 11.

Installing Windows 11 on a device that does not meet Windows 11 minimum system requirements is not recommended, as according to Microsoft you run the risk of compatibility issues, and potentially not receiving security updates - again, make sure you talk to us before you do anything yourself!


What Next?

For advice on whether migrating to Windows 11 is right for you, and any other technology query please contact IT Genie on 0345 0945 353 or info@itgenie.com.

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