IT Genie New Recruits - photoshopped image for social distancing considerations

IT Genie New Recruits - photoshopped image for social distancing considerations

During this tumultuous year IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), IT Genie have further established themselves as the fourth emergency service to their clients; Hiring new employees across the organisation to help support new clients and business growth.

Denoted as ‘Key Workers’ according to government strategy, IT Genie were able to request their staff to work from the office as usual, but as technical experts they led the way establishing remote working for all staff, while assisting their clients to do the same.

“While we have seen a rise in requests for cloud migration amongst our clients”, said Gino Choucair, Managing Director of IT Genie, “If anything the majority of cloud migration projects were in their planned IT strategy - just given a new priority”

Where appropriate IT Genie recommend cloud-based solutions, from amongst their complete portfolio, and their customers are reaping the benefits; Improved business agility, flexibility of remote working, scalability, pricing, and of course reduction in on-premise infrastructure maintenance – especially when there are limited staff in the office to maintain devices.

“One of IT Genie’s core beliefs is providing Success Through Technology” advises Gino, “and to this end we invest significantly in Automated Systems across multiple areas including our ISO accredited UK Service desk, and business operations. This inclusion of the latest remote monitoring and automated systems translates to network intelligence and business efficiency.”

“However, despite the best systems in place, the real strength of IT Genie comes from its employees, and to provide our growing client base with a level of service-excellence that I expect, we have expanded our team”, enthused Gino, “Since isolation, we have recruited five new staff members across a number of key departments including one returner. All the new team-members come from within the Gatwick Diamond, a number facing redundancy due to the current situation.”

<Pictured above L-to-R are: Aaron CobbFaye HankinStuart BlackDanielle SturgessGino ChoucairMegan StowNeil Martin>

  • Aaron Cobb joins as head of the Projects team, having previously held the position of Senior Projects Engineer at IT Genie up to 2017, before a ‘sabbatical’ at Newcmi culminating as their Technical Services Manager. Having ‘seen the light’ he was tempted back to IT Genie as Projects Manager, freeing incumbent Stuart Black to take up the reigns as Technical Director.
  • Faye Hankin is the new point of contact in our accounts team, joining from a local Chartered Tax Advisors, she is working towards her AAT Level 2 & 3 Qualifications.
  • Danielle Sturgess and Megan Stow join the New Business Development team. Danielle holds a wealth of experience in customer-facing roles across the professional services sector; And Megan with a successful background in technical recruitment, is also used to controlling the play as (No. 8) Central Midfielder for Crawley Wasps Ladies Football Club.
  • Gino Choucair Managing Director of IT Genie, see below for 'About'.
  • Industry veteran Neil Martin is taking his first steps in the MSP field as Marketing Manager, having cut his teeth in B2C technical retail and a stint with a global cybersecurity vendor.

“We are delighted to welcome them all on-board as team IT Genie”, states Gino, “and look forward to further expanding team to support our increasing client responsibilities”.

About Gino Choucair

A serial entrepreneur, driven to help businesses find better ways to deliver their solutions through the efficacious and innovative use of technology.

Now the Managing Director of Managed Services Provider IT Genie, I am in the ideal position to deliver this passion, to prove how technology can help your business achieve their maximum potential.

Most MSPs are owned and run by ‘techies’, which despite my interest, I am not, rather an entrepreneur with a vision of how technology is a vital business differentiator for those companies willing to embrace it. I understand what a business needs to grow and thrive, putting myself in the shoes of every client we work with.

Today, from our HQ in the heart of the Gatwick Diamond we work with SMEs to support them through their challenges and build the right solutions to enable them to succeed.

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